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Molo Mhambi Relations

Molo Mhambi means 'hello traveller' in Xhosa

Molo Mhambi Relations uses Public Relations & Marketing tactics to nurture your brand's relevance & leverage its authenticity. We work to gain insight into the African market, tourism network and affiliated industries in Africa to produce useful engagements and collaborations for your tourism business.

Molo Mhambi Diamond.png
Molo Mhambi Diamond.png
Molo Mhambi Diamond.png
Molo Mhambi Diamond.png

Excavate through the pile-on of sales make-up

Rediscover your business's intentions; i.e your why. 

Strategise a clear path for your audience 

Clarify your message

As unique as a diamond; your brand's true story comes to the surface to show the value of your offering. 

Contact us for public relations and marketing services that will connect your tourism business with businesses and people that need to know about it.

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