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Tsitsikamma Adventure Land

Ladies, this one is especially for you and your girls’ trips! Tsitsikamma Adventure Land offers scenic tours through the Tsitsikamma Forest, starting at Misty Mountain Reserve, where the guides are based. Do I need to be an experienced driver to use a quad bike?

We were two ladies with no quad biking experience and we did very well! Our guide first gave us a lesson on how to operate the quad bike. He was very patient and spoke clearly in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa. He told us about how he would put the safety helmets on our heads, which he then did by starting with a hair net for health & safety, and then put the helmet on. I personally appreciated this very much because the thought of other people’s sweat on a helmet does not sit well with me.

How difficult is the quad bike tour route?

Once all safety protocol was observed and we had a practice round on the golf course, we hit the road. Driving through the farms is easy. The smell of cow dung reminded me of the days I would arrive at my grandmother’s after being in the city for a while. At first the smell of the dung shocks the nose, and then it blends in with the trees and the grass and wofts about like a natural outdoors perfume. quad biking on the well maintained gravel road, passed working farmer, cows and dairy trucks was nostalgic. once we got into the forest the road was the same quality, with just a few potholes filled with muddy water.

Photo Ops

I abandoned all thoughts about laundry and revved through the muddy puddles to create mega splashes! Our guide, Freddy, has a great eye for photographs and helped us create these epic photos, even one of my big splash! The trip takes longer when you stop at each scenic spot to set up for the perfect image, so we recommend that you book a longer tour or a special photography session. Contact Freddy for more information, his details are at the bottom.

I appreciated the manners and consideration from our guide, Freddy. He asked permission and warned us before he would adjust our helmets or help us steer a quad bike out of a tricky spot. He is a real gentleman and as we look for Womxn-safe experiences to share in the #WomxnXplore Facebook group, Tsitsikamma Adventure Land and Freddy the guide come highly recommended to womxn travellers looking for safety, respect and comfort on their journeys.

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You can book your next adventure with Freddy on (060) 865-8130.

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